Patient Testimonials


I now have a beautiful baby
“Sranya provided acupuncture to me in the lead up to IVF, and twice on the day of implantation. I had not previously undergone acupuncture but found Sranya to be extremely professional and helpful in explaining how the process works.  Sranya went above and beyond during my IVF journey and, at short notice, ensured that she was available to provide me with two sessions on the day of implantation which included her staying late that day to accommodate me. My IVF was successful, and I now have a beautiful baby.  I cannot recommend Sranya highly enough and I am so grateful for her expertise.”  Treatment Received: IVF – In Vitro Fertilisation J.H. Northallerton

“Fantastic experience, Sranya was thorough and listened well.  Her treatment was incredibly effective” – H.H., Northallerton

“Sranya’s acupuncture treatment helped me with my fertility problems which had been trying to conceive for six years. I believe the acupuncture triggered something and assisted in a natural conception before IVF treatment.  Sranya was genuine, knowledgeable and gave me exemplary advice and treatment.  I could not recommend her highly enough” – Z.E., Malton

“I found treatment here to be a relaxing and positive experience. It enabled me to feel in control of my IVF journey and I believed really complimented the treatment – my baby is now seven weeks old!” – P.B., Northallerton

“I came to Northallerton Acupuncture Clinic following the loss of my twins. I hoped that it would help to relieve my stress and grief and to hopefully increase my chances of conceiving again after 7 months unsuccessful. Within 3½ months I was pregnant and the grief was much more controlled” – S.R., Darlington

“I cannot speak highly enough of how wonderful and healing my experience of acupuncture was with Sranya.  I have suffered urine infections for years and feel after six sessions completely cured!” – E.S., Swainby

“I cannot recommend Sranya highly enough! Her calm, professional, yet warm manner make you feel completely at ease immediately. Her sessions are the reason I have had some respite from my ME/Fibromyalgia symptoms in the last year. She is obviously a highly skilled acupuncturist and a wonderfully warm, kind person” – D.W., Scarborough

“Sranya’s professional, calm manner immediately puts you at ease. I look forward to my acupuncture sessions and my energy levels have increased markedly since I started my course of treatments in 2013. With Sranya’s help I am taking significant steps towards regaining good health. Sranya is an excellent therapist” – E.G., Northallerton

“I came to Sranya for acupucture 6 months before starting IVF treatment. It was our first IVF attempt after trying to conceive for five years. Sranya was really lovely and very professional and advised me the best times to have acupuncture in my cycle. I believe this helped alongside the IVF and I became pregnant with twins. I am now 21 weeks” – S.L., Northallerton

“Treatment has dramatically reduced my reliance on both anti-inflammatories and pain killers and I am no longer waking in the night with aching legs…I have never felt like just another patient – sessions often over-run and only finish when Sranya is satisfied. Certainly value for money” – S. T., Northallerton

“Sranya’s obvious skill, knowledge and kindness helped me through a very difficult time. I would have no hesitation in recommending her” – anon., Northallerton

“I had never tried acupuncture before, but when I tore the ligament in my knee I decided to explore the treatment. I have been amazed at the rapid healing of my knee. Despite my fear of needles, I have found the expert treatments to be a calming and soothing experience” – R.P., Appleton Wiske

“Great improvement in muscular problems after a four month period in hospital. The acupuncturist was a most sympathetic, professional and caring person” – M.H., Thirsk

“Friendly therapist, compassionate and flexible with appointments. Overall a fantastic service and value for money” – anon., Northallerton

“From the moment of my initial consultation I was put at ease and given the confidence that I was in good hands – a professional service that I could definately recommend” – P.Y., Northallerton

“I feel more upbeat and more steady, relaxed, chilled out after an acupuncture session… I can highly recommend Sranya. She is pleasant, considerate and understanding. She has always taken the time to listen and never rushes the session” – H.B., Romanby

“I found the treatment relaxing and effective. An improvement in digestive issues and energy levels. A very welcoming place that put me at ease”. (the acupuncturist was) ..”excellent. Very knowledgable, thorough and a lovely lady” – S.B., Northallerton

“I looked forward to my visits to the acupuncture clinic and really felt considerably better afterwards…so informative and supportive” – J.S., Northallerton

“Very professional and caring approach” – K.G., Stockton-on-Tees

“I felt the treatment was carried out in a thoroughly professional manner with ongoing discussions throughout and that the acupuncturist had my interests at heart at all times” – K.H., Thirsk

“Very professional and made the experience enjoyable” – K.B., Northallerton