April 2024 – Welcome to Spring – The Season of Growth and Renewal

Springtime naturally invokes the urge to clean, make space for new projects and set our houses in order.  As we start to make changes to our surroundings, we naturally start to feel it is time to fully embrace this season of growth and renewal, to release stagnant energy that is stopping us from making these changes and perhaps think about starting a therapy that may help you on your journey to better health and well-being.

Acupuncture is a great therapy to help shift the Stagnation, whether it be physical or mental stuck energy.  It is also a time for us as therapists to look at and return to certain treatment protocols that we haven’t visited for a while.  This month has seen me delve deeper into auricular (ear) acupuncture and it is something that I am using more and more in clinical practice, especially the NADA protocol.

For those who haven’t heard of NADA auricular acupuncture, the five points used are called the Sympathetic, Shen Men or ‘Spirit Gate’, Kidney, Liver, and Lung.

The Sympathetic point regulates the autonomic nervous system, helping with night sweats, anxiety and digestive complaints. Shen Men helps calm the mind and aids insomnia. The Kidney point alleviates lower back pain and helps urinary issues but also aids detoxification, hot flushes and fatigue. Promoting metabolic function, the Liver soothes irritability, headaches and abdominal issues. Finally, the Lung treats respiratory issues and benefits night sweats.

For a while those ear points were forgotten amongst the myriad of body acupuncture points I have used but upon reintroducing them in clinic, the results are so very satisfying not only for the patients but also for myself as a practitioner,  and it is something that I now include as part of the session when needed.